We are offering the opportuinity of a lifetime in the month of May! Get a Logo and Landing page you Love for the cost of one! We will have you up and running on eachin four easy steps! Upon check out a directional PDF will be downloaded and guide you on how to create your first consultation! Here is what your project out line looks like. 


First, we will have a project briefing where discuss

  • Your brand and your core values.
  • What does this project mean for you?
  • The Ideal Customer Avatar of your product or service
  • What design styles you envision for your brand and any visual references and inspirations we should know about
  • What color scheme you will be using in your business and how can we incorporate this in the logo
  • We will schedule your second design brief.

    Second, we will review your
  • preliminary design concepts and discuss the following Visual references from comparable businesses
  • A family of fonts hand chosen for your project
  • Two preliminary logo design suggestions
  • Two color scheme options
  • Schedule third design briefing

    Third, we will review your final design concept and discuss
  • Elemental details of the design
  • Final fonts and spacing Final color scheme
  • Confirmation of final design order
  • We will schedule your fourth design brief

    Fourth, I will deliver final files and we will make sure you have A Logo You Love! Final files and consultation includes
  • Original Adobe Illustrator file PNG files in any font family variations
  • JPG file for social media profiles PDF file for easy sharing
  • We will have a free 15 minute consult on your next steps in business and design so you can hit the ground running!


Next onto the Landing Page!


First, we will chose which platform you would like to create your landing page on. We will discuss options like Wix, Go Cenral, Shopify, Square Space and More! We will look into what the site will exsist for long term and make an informed decisoin based on funcion, customization, cost and user experience.


Second, I will design a landing page that will include the following

  • A beautiful header image or video that is perfect for your brand
  • An opt in offer encouraging visitors to give you their email address so you can reach out to them in the future and build your list
    • ex. get 10% off your first purchase or a free self care PDF by entering your email here.
  • An 'about' section where we will tell visitors about the mission of your brand
  • An informational section to tell visitors how they can get be involved with your products and why it will enhance their life
  • A contact form for anyone wishing to reach out to you and ask you questions via email


Third, I will show you the preliminary design of the site and we decide what works and what doesn't. We will go over colors, fonts, language and images. Anything that needs to be changed I will correct on the site.


Fourth, I will show you the final design. We agree it is complete and I transfer the hosting to you. I can stay on as an admin to help with further design if necessary. This is where you will chose your hosting plan provided by the platform we choose.


There are add-ons available to you now or anytime in the future for your site! Each add-on is $149. Here is what we offer


  • Social Media Bridge - We can link up two social media accounts to your page like Instagram or Linkdin. This will create traffic flow both from the social pages to the site and vice versa. This will increase visitors to the page and your email list. This includes a social media makeover where we will choose the best profile image, name, about me info and SEO optimization. I will also give you my e-book about creating shareable content so you can get the most out of your social media posting. We will design a post togehter.
  • Beautiful Blog - This add-on is one of the most valuable things you can create on your website. I will design a separate page for you to blog and develop as much language and information as possible on your website. The more words about your field you create on your website, the more people will be able to find your site through searches. I create a model for your first blog post and help you structure your next 4. I will also teach you how to create compelling headlines and action items to optimize sales traffic.
  • Email Marketing - I will set up a home on your platform for email marketing. We will design a series of 3 email campaign templates for you to send to your subscribers. One will be a trigger email that is sent to thank any new subscribers to join your site. The second is a newsletter or update email. The third is a promotional email for any new products or sales happening. All three will have winning headlines and clear action items. A typical email campaign gets a 15-30% open rate and a 2-5% click through rate. I am proud to say the email campaigns I craft have a 50% open rate and a 9% click through rate.
  • E-commerce Storefront - This will be a page dedicated to you selling your items. We will create compelling names and descriptions for your products. I will make sure all orders are funneled to the correct email and you have a direct action item once products are purchased. We will also have a trigger email sent thanking customers for their order. I can offer consulting on product photography and marketing as well with including links to products in email campaigns if that ad- on is chosen.
  • SEO & Analytics - From the beginning this is a very important piece to any site. I will go the extra mile and add-on extra optimization making sure every last piece of information on your site is optimized to direct traffic to your web page from other sources. You will rank higher on google searches and be found on things like Instagram and LinkedIn easily. I will also set up Google Analytics to runs smoothly on your site and teach you how to use it to your benefit.

It is my guarantee that you receive A Logo & Landing Page You Love! I will ensure every step of the way that you are absolutely thrilled with what we are creating.
If at any time you aren't loving it, you can say so without any hard feelings.
I am here to help you explore and create something you will use to represent yourself for years to come.
Once the project hast started logos typically take 4-8 weeks to create with exceptions of holidays. Depending on demand there may be a 1 week wait to be scheduled. If you are in need of a rush project you can contact me directly at info@cannavascreative.com

A Logo & Landing Page You Love!

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