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Is your business still Cutting down the Rain Forest? We can help!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

At Cannavas Creative, we’re excited to launch an initiative that empowers brands to commit to reducing waste in the cannabis industry. We’re introducing our Year of Clear series—weekly blogs dissecting the different ways you can become a more sustainable business. We are challenging businesses to commit to reducing their waste and increasing their sustainability by 20% by the end of 2020.

Creating a brand in an emerging industry is exciting, but it doesn’t come without its fair share of obstacles. One of the largest challenges for CBD producers is the growing amount of organic waste that compounds over time—from water waste, to packaging, to processing chemicals. While the increasing levels of waste aren’t detrimental to a company, those who make commitments to sustainability are better able to foster brand loyalty. After all, 70% of millennials will pay more for a sustainably-produced product, and 83% consider a brand’s social impact before making a purchase.

The Obvious, but Overlooked Waste In Cannabis

Cannabis legalization brings many fiscal benefits to state governments, However, regulators are adamant (for good reason) about creating a contaminant-free supply chain, that appropriately labels all cannabis products and effectively keeps them out of the hands of children. Materials like “ingredient bags” and plastic bottles must be packaged per serving size, which oftentimes results in an excess amount of packaging per order. Not to mention, many state laws state that each individual serving size must be properly labeled–including information like registration numbers, ingredients, THC amounts, etc.

Because of the extensive requirements in packaging and labeling, cannabis companies have to work harder to find achievable pathways to sustainability. Cannavas can help you think outside the box, and innovate beyond what your brand is capable of accomplishing on its own.

Cutting Edge Sustainability Programs

We’ve written about the ways you can use hemp products to improve sustainability within your business. But strategically partnering with experts in the industry can provide more opportunity for your brand’s sustainability efforts. For example, implementing innovative technology that provides information to customers via QR code can drastically reduce labeling needed on products. Additionally, we’re looking at the ways brands can implement successful, measurable and impactful recycling programs for their product packaging—incentivizing repeat transactions, and the use of reusable or compostable materials.

Neenah Paper Co, one of the brands in Cannavas Creative’s portfolio, creates hemp materials that are a green alternative to paper—void of toxic chemicals and more efficient in nature. One acre of hemp stalks can produce as much as four to ten acres of “regular” paper, over a 20 year production period.

Take the First Step

In the age of COVID-19, as deliveries surge nationwide and the packaging industry soars, we are seeing the immense importance of using sustainable packaging methods. The level of waste that will be generated from dramatic increases in shipped packages is a reminder that companies should make sustainable packaging a priority.

Whether or not your business is in the cannabis industry, it can benefit from using hemp paper products for packaging. If you choose to transition to more sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging products with Cannavas Creative, you’ll receive our design services free of charge, because we’re committed to creating a greener world.

Until then, call,send us an email or sign up at for a free Cannavas Creative consultation. We’d love to grow together.

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