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Is CBD just a trend? a guide to Introducing CBD into your Business

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

CBD sales are reaching the billions in the United States and countries world wide. It seems like just about everyone is adding CBD to whatever it is they are selling. I am sure you have heard the benefits from all the raving fans, gushing over how their anxiety or pain has just melted away with this magic product.

Introducing CBD into your business through service, wholesale, white label and formulating
Introducing CBD into your business - photo by Cannavas Creative

It is always a little nerve racking to feel like you are jumping on a band wagon. Is CBD just another trend like charcoal and coconut oil? Does it even really matter if it is making your business money?

My professional opinion, CBD is here for a full comeback and those who serve the most effective products will have loyal customers and long lasting success.

Where should you even begin when looking into incorporating CBD into your business? There are a few roads you can take to get on the train and start raking in that green. The first step is to take a look at what your business offers to its customers. Do you provide a service like massage? Do you sell physical products? Are these CBD products on brand for you? Are you willing to formulate a new version of your product to include CBD?

Here are a few examples of what introducing CBD into your business may look like.

Including CBD in a Service

It can be fairly simple to include CBD into a current service you provide. Massage therapists, beauty gurus and healers of all kinds have been introducing CBD to their clients through a service.

First, it's important to identify how your customer will benefit from CBD in their service. Will it be used to remove pain in a massage? Is it being used to heal the skin? These answers will decide what type of product you will used on your clients in your service.

It's important to search for full spectrum CBD that is formulated with a strong oil like grapeseed oil, hemp oil, beeswax or coconut oil. CBD mixed with a light lotion or vegetable oils do not maintain their potency and will not be as effective on your client. It would also be wise to try a few different brands and find one you absolutely love.

Make sure your customers know that CBD is included in their service and use it as an up charge. Many massage therapists can add up to $40 per session by including CBD. With everyone going gaga over CBD it will be easy to one up your competitors with this extra sauce!

If you need assistance selecting a respected brand that matches yours, reach out to us at

Buying wholesale CBD for Retail

Introducing wholesale CBD into your business
Sativida CBD photo by Cannavas Creative

Want something for your customers to take home with them? You can start raking in the dough by buying wholesale branded CBD Products and including it in your retail line up.

Have your massage clients take a tincture home with them to manage the pain. Get those tails wagging with CBD dog treats at your local vet or pet store. There are endless possibilities with CBD already out there.

The most important task here is to do your research and work with a reputable brand producing high quality products. Ask them questions about how they store their CBD before it is distributed. Is it packaged in colored glass or plastic? Make sure the brand matches yours and will please your customers.

Designing a White Label Product

Want your branding totally on point? Great! CBD is a huge way to boost the sales.

Creating a white label CBD product means you are taking a product that is already formulated by a lab and adding your own branding to the packaging . We can handle the design task so you can focus on your business.


Formulating a Product with CBD

Not finding the exact CBD product you want to bring to market? Not a problem!

Start a new trend by working with a lab to formulate your own CBD product. This lab will be one that creates or buys their own CBD concentrates of different kinds and formulates a new product for you.

You can introduce CBD into a beauty, food or therapeutic product easily with the right lab. We have paired dozens of brands with growers and labs to formulate top shelf CBD products on the market today.

Cannavas Creative has a relationship with labs and wholesalers, suppliers and labs who are white label ready. It can be as simple as a single phone call. Imagine your brand with a beautiful new line of CBD products your customers are addicted to! Send an email to now to get started.

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