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Illinois Cannabis Business Application Extension

The deadline for businesses to apply for craft grower, infuser and transporter licenses has been extended to March 30 to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has issued an executive order to extend the state’s deadline for its second phase of adult-use cannabis license applications due to health concerns, according to the Chicago Tribune.

What Can You Do about it?

While it may seem like all you can do is sit at home there is actually a lot more in your power! Cannavas Creative offers creative consulting for your cannabis business over the phone. Our expertise can help you make vital decisions and boost your cannabis business to the next level. You could just be getting started or well along your way. We have the global insight from generations of commitment to the industry.

Sourcing Savior

Our creative clients also enjoy our international connections to the worlds best sources for ingredients, packaging substrates, hemp papers, hemp fabrics and other sustainable elements needed for every modern business. Don't put yourself at risk traveling around looking for the perfect resource... We have already done it for you!

It is easy to get started

We promise that you will love our insight to industry. Due to the current economic climate we would like to offer a free hour of consulting to all new clients who book one hour of consulting or more or order a promise of sustainability for their application. Get started today!

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