How Your Cannabis Brand Can Respect Its Consumer

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

The Cannabis industry is quickly expanding into CBD (cannabidiol) and Cannabeauty (cannabis beauty)—growth that has brought a shift in how businesses are understanding their consumers. Hemp paper is one of the most significant ways brands can appeal to their target audience sustainably and aesthetically.

What is Hemp Paper?

Hemp, otherwise known as Industrial Hemp, is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant that is grown specifically for manufacturing purposes. Over 10,000 years ago, during the 8th century, the Chinese discovered that Hemp pulp could be spun into a fully functional fiber. Thanks to this discovery, the world’s first paper was created.

Because of the prohibition on cannabis, hemp paper nearly disappeared during the 1900s. As it’s begun to resurface, we’re learning about the many benefits the paper holds for the companies that choose to use it.

Elevate Your Brand

Making the switch from “regular” paper products to hemp paper is a great way for your cannabis business to elevate its brand message. Here’s why:

By using hemp paper for packaging, marketing materials, etc, you’re continuing to support innovators in your industry while also spreading awareness about the many benefits of cannabis.

Hemp paper is, simply put, a better alternative to regular paper. Cellulose is one of the key ingredients in paper—and trees contain only 30% of it, while hemp contains 85%. Paper derived from wood is often filled with toxic chemicals to make up for its cellulose deficiency. Thanks to the absence of harmful additives, hemp paper will always be better quality.

Right now, sustainability is trending no matter what industry you’re operating in. And if you’re a cannabis brand, using hemp paper as a packaging alternative is the best way for you to join the movement. One acre of hemp stalks can produce as much paper as four to ten acres of trees, over a 20 year production period. And while trees can take 20 to 80 years to reach maturity, hemp stalks reach maturity after four months.

According to a recent Future Market Insights study, 72% of consumers agree that packaging can influence their purchasing decisions. Because hemp paper is all around better quality than wood-derived paper, it serves as a superior material for packaging products. Stronger, cleaner and can be designed to mirror any aesthetic. We think Neenah Paper Company does a great job illustrating these benefits to customers.

Your Packaging Refresh

Often times folding board papers lack strength, color, quality and sustainability. However, thanks to Neenah’s innovative hemp fiber, brands no longer have to make compromises on what they present to their customers. CBD, Cannabis and Cannabeauty brands can align with their customers ethically and aesthetically by providing packaging that’s as pleasing for the earth as it is to the eye.

When you’re ready to bring the benefits of hemp paper to your brand, Cannavas Creative can help you achieve your goals through a total redesign and shift to hemp paper. Happy with your branding but want to shift to hemp paper packaging? Send us an email or comment below and we can assist you in your mission to become more sustainable and consumer-friendly.

Whatever your objectives, Cannavas Creative is here to help you achieve them.

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