Four Things To Remember When Sourcing Sustainable Ingredients

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

One of the best ways to level up your products is to use high quality, sustainable ingredients that are responsibly sourced. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. At Cannavas Creative, we can help source small-batch ingredients that are grown with care.

Here are four things to remember when choosing how to source your ingredients.


Did you know it will soon be law for you to know where your ingredients are sourced? Additionally, you will have to be able to communicate that to customers.Imagine spending time and resources securing ingredients and then having to start from square one because you can’t explain where they are grown and sourced. It’s in your best interest to have that information up front. Cannavas Creative provides sourcing from the worlds purest sources.


Making sustainable choices may feel like a trend, but in reality it’s essential. By choosing products that are created ethically, you will help combat deforestation, the abuse of non-renewable resources, pollution and increased emissions. Cannavas Creative Partners with companies to provide sustainable ingredients and packaging solutions. We ensure your brand wont be making an unwanted footprint.


There is no substitute for e natural ingredients derived from organic family farms. As opposed to mass-production, these farms use land that has been cared for to maintain nutrients and natural genetics to produce the best, highest quality products possible.

Agricultural Practice

Beyond choosing quality, it’s vital to put importance on the agricultural practice of these farms. Are they taking care of the land not adding harmful ingredients to your product or the environment? If the answer is yes, it’s worth creating a relationship. If the answer is no, they’re likely not the best source for your brand. For more information on what makes sustainable farming practices please reach out to one of our experts here at Cannavas.

Im Immortelle is a great example of a brand that sources sustainable ingredients and packaging. There are no plastics used in their product and the ingredients are sourced from a family farm owned for many centuries. Their practices are not harmful to the earth and the product itself is safe to use in its concentrated form. To learn more about this beautiful product visit

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