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Feminine Cannabis Consumers - Developing for a Power Market

Did you know that before prohibition, the cannabis industry was lead by change-makers and innovators who were predominantly women? In the middle ages, knowledge of herbal medicine was passed down from generation to generation by women who communities relied on for life, love and health guidance. As social stigmas developed and prohibition took effect, women were pushed out of the cannabis market.

Since the start of the cannabis legalization movement, the market has disproportionately advertised to male consumers and their interests. For years, men have led the charge on the cannabis industry—leaving women out of the picture due to harmful social stigmas. However, a recent State of Cannabis Report conducted by Eaze found that 38% of consumers were women—the greatest representation we’ve seen yet. As feminine consumers continue to reclaim space in a male-demonated market, cannabis brands will have to shift their go-to-market strategies if they want to appeal to the masses.

Cannabis and Wellness: Two Worlds Collide

According to a study of 2,000 Americans and their spending habits, the average person spends 22% of their disposable income on self care products and experiences—roughly $199 per month. A considerable percentage that soars to 33% for those under 25 years old. In a culture where 62% of people say they would prefer to treat themselves more, how can cannabis tap into the “self care” market?

Cannabis retailers can take note from major companies like Groupon, who have made it a mission to capitalize off of the self care and wellness spending habits of women in particular. And it’s a mission that’s proving fruitful—70% of Groupon customers are women. Compared to the 38% represented in cannabis, there seems to be a large window of opportunity waiting for cannabis retailers. Especially when you consider that 62% of people report using cannabis for chronic pain, an issue that disproportionately impacts women.

While developing products for the cannabis market requires an increasing amount of research, including development and clinical studies, the CBD market offers more leniency to retailers. This has resulted in an influx of brands integrating hemp into cosmetic, health and wellness products including: skincare, dietary products, hair care, etc. Market research firm, Brightfield Group, expects the US CBD Wellness industry to skyrocket into a $22B market by 2022.

Cannavas Creative is taking the Feminine Approach

As cannabis retailers move their way into a $4.2 trillion wellness industry, how can they best appeal to the women who dominate 85% of the space in order to shift the needle in their favor? We’re already beginning to notice brands taking a sophisticated approach to their product design and marketing—adapting the look and feel of popular luxury skincare and wellness brands.

By eliminating the social stigma surrounding feminine consumption of cannabis through nuanced and elegant product design, the cannabis industry can reap the benefits of the feminine wellness consumer. Cannavas Creative is the agency poised to guide you in this endeavor; we have created a unique opportunity to service two of the worlds greatest industries where they have never been before. Cannavas Creative is dedicated to painting a new picture of cannabis and wellness catered to feminine consumers, focused on self care. Our “Feminine Cannsumer” Guide can help you effectively understand the motivations and spending habits of the feminine cannabis consumer. You can receive this guide directly in your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter.

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