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4 ways to make money on your cannabis cultivation space while you wait for your license approval

It is no secret to applicants that the process to receive a craft cultivator’s license has been long and drawn out with many unforeseen roadblocks. The risk of leasing and designing an entire cultivation facility while waiting months to hear back about your application can be daunting. Overhead costs are high and there is no telling when the licenses will actually be distributed … not to mention the possibility of not receiving one at all.

While it may seem like you are waiting in the dark for a light that will never come, there are simple actions you can take to prepare for your license while you wait. You can even create revenue for your business without cultivating cannabis.

Cannavas Creative has sat down with new and existing craft growers all around the world to understand your experiences and concerns. Here are the top four most effective ways to make money on your cannabis cultivation space while you wait for your license.

1) Perfect your process, Patent it and sell it

Shockingly, there are no laws against patenting the process of any substance including illegal drugs. If there is a unique way your cultivators bring your plants to life you can make it yours. Let’s say there is a special home-made sauce you like to add to your plants to increase their growth or a certain curing method you have never seen anyone else use. Define the process and apply for a patent. Once approved anyone else using fish to regulate their water will have to get a license through you! You can create a virtual training program and create revenue of this process. Your system can even become widely known and respected generating millions.

2) Perfect your genetics and partner.

While you may not currently be able to grow your 5000 sq feet of crops, you may be able to work on a small nursery and breed the best genetics of your life. When you are not concerned with thousands of plants it is much easier to optimize a few. Invest some time in developing the best genetics you can in a small nursery and get in contact with one of the craft growers currently licensed in your state. Get them interested in your branded, patented genetics and you have created a new stream of income without cultivating flowers. If you think you have something extra special, you can always wait and keep it to yourself. When everyone has the same amount of space to grow, genetics will be king.

3) Work on your Identity in the Media and Create Culture and Accessories

There is nothing holding you back from gaining more traction in your business online while you wait. Most people make the mistake of leaving this part to the end when really it is what you should have started with. I cant tell you how many times a grower has come to me needing packaging and an identity for a strain that is ready to sell, Only to be disappointed to see it takes a few weeks to a few months to create these things, leaving a huge gap in their revenue stream. You should be working on media, packaging and identity before the seeds hit the soil. Imagine creating months of incredible content, gaining followers and partnerships and by the time your harvest is ready people are dying to get their hands on the stuff. Your products sell out over night for twice the original price. Everyone is smoking your flowers out of branded papers and carts. This is what the smart growers do. Have a plan and hit the ground running day one.

4) Grow Alternative Crops

There are many crops out there that utilize the same growing equipment as cannabis and do not require a license to cultivate. Many local grocery stores or farmers markets would be happy to take other types of legal herbs off your hands. This also gives you an opportunity to tie into our first three tips by perfecting process, patenting growth operations and distributing to third parties, all while growing your network and identity. A few of our clients have found this method to be even more profitable in the short run while waiting for the cannabis industry to catch up.

Cannavas Creative has a free guide to creating shareable cannabis content you can find here on our homepage. This can help you with step three. If you would like to know more about how you can implement these steps specifically for your business, we are able to design custom solutions, brands and products for anyone entering the emerging herbal market. We only ask you care about wellness and sustainability as much as we do! You can get started now by reaching out to us and setting up a consultation by emailing us at

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