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4 Reasons Customers Leave your Website in the FIRST SECOND (and how to fix it)

As a Cannavas Creator, I see these easily made mistakes on websites in the cannabis space daily. It breaks my heart when beautiful products hide behind minor consumer judgments, keeping them from being enjoyed.

Here are a four mistakes many make when creating the first experience your customers have while visiting your website.

Unreadable, Style Heavy Fonts

We have less than half of a second to convince a viewer to stay on our website. Majority of people will view from their phones and no matter the device we are competing with hundreds of incoming messages and notification. The first decision our consumer makes in the first fraction of a second, is to read the content on your site or not. If the font is not extremely simple and readable the answer is automatically no.

Extra Tip: People are more than twice as likely to read a dark font on a white background vs a font on a dark background.

Not Showing the Desired Outcome

The second visual message that reaches our consumers before they start to read is the imagery. Images should be light, clear and depicting the desired outcome of the customer after they make a purchase. The truth is we are never really selling an item, we are selling a feeling and promise from our consumer.

An example of this is that we are selling the satisfaction of a snack that not only tastes delicious but is good for you. The person will be so happy that they have their diet under control and they look and feel good. We want to use an image of our Ideal customer enjoying the desired outcome.

Extra Tip: You can often hire a graphic designer to create these images easily in a day or two

Writing in a Stiff and Indirect Tone to your Readers

When we are designing content we want to use direct language to tell the customers EXACTLY what we want them to do. We also want to speak to them in a tone that sounds like a conversation they are having with a close friend. The language should be along the lines of asking a friend in a text to pick up some drinks from the store on his way over.

Instead of saying something like

"We are featuring our partners products"

We want to say

"Add CBD bites to YOUR snack" "Cure YOUR munchies''

Extra Tip: We also want to include direct actions in our buttons like "Shop CBD Now"

Creating Opt Ins

In the first second on a home page, your customers should be greeted with an opt in offer or what some call "Free Champaign."

This is where we create some piece of value in exchange for the visitors email address so we can reach them in the future. Consumers do not usually buy a product the first time they visit a site, but after they have gone to the site a few times.

With their contact information in hand, you can continue to communicate with your visitors and notify them when future offers exist.

Opt in offers can be many things, in this example we use an offer of free shipping but you can create a free PDF with great advice, a free consulting call, a discount on the first order ext.

Extra Tip: The more free value you create for your customers the more willing they will be to spend their money with you vs. your competitor.

There are hundreds of small ways to optimize your website to generate sales. Take time each day to get better and better at speaking with your customers. We are currently offering free consultations to all newly licensed cannabis business. In one day you can make the few small changes needed to create a profitable landing page. Get in contact with us and get started!

Written by Sarah Rose Warman

Founder & Creative Director

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