Sarah Rose Warman  

is the Creative Director and Founder. She began Cannavas Creative in 2017 when she noticed the lack of full creative solutions in the cannabis and hemp industry. She has been involved with the industry for more than a decade and found her natural passion is a family tradition.


Her elders were hemp farmers in Illinois and Indiana until the prohibition forced them to sell their land. Always an ally, Sarah's roots started in urban development and community planning.

She has attended the worlds leading cannabis and design events including 420 Hemp Fest Milano, Spannabis, Graph EXPO, HighTimes Fest Amsterdam, Chicago's Cannabis Resource Fair, Opus Connect Food & Bev. Summit, CFA Society Cannabis Insights & Opportunities.  

 Her contributions to Grant Park and many other Community arts programs are still at the forefront of her mission today. When she is not creating with cannabis, she enjoys rollerskating, paddle boarding and traveling the world.

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Leandro Crespi

Leandro Crespi, creative director at his impressive studio based in Barcelona, Spain, is our master at capturing beauty. Born in Argentina, 1984 his works are recognized by their freshness, aesthetics and attention to detail. His focus in Beauty, Makeup, Cosmetic, Fashion, Editorial, Portrait, Still-life Photography & Cinematography make him a perfect director for wellness based campaigns.


His extensive knowledge about the industry took to the position of Senior Artist Relations Specialist at Stocksy United.  What stands out the most about Leandro's work with Cannavas is his commitment to natural and true beauty...a core value here.

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Sarah Watts

Sarah Watts is a copywriter and content producer based in Chicago. She’s passionate about working with social enterprises, nonprofits and community organizations. 


When she’s not invested in a social or community cause, she writes about the intersection of modern feminism and relationships.

Sarah has the unique ability to explore sensitive subjects while providing useful and non-biased information with thoughtful language. 


Jennifer Boylen

Digital marketing manager, graphic designer, Jennifer is a Chicago native with a passion for visual strategy and community. In her spare time she loves to travel, write, and make candles to sell at local fairs.

She is a master at managing social media content and has held our community high online! I would recommend her to anyone looking to level up their online presence. One of her best projects to date is her work on the Chicago Nightlife Awards campaign.



Salvatore is an Italian photographer based in Barcelona. He has spent time studying photography in London and now works with Cannavas Creative to produce catalog photography.


He is passionate about skating and also works with local Barcelona skate shops to produce media and merchandise. 

Salvatore is great at capturing small details and can be creative in even the smallest environment. His entrepreneurial mind makes him a joy to work with and a huge asset to our team here at Cannavas.

Marie Kasal

Marie is a professional esthetician and massage therapist from Chicago, IL. She is the master of skincare and cosmetics and knows exactly what trends are happening in the ingredients market. 

If you are looking to create a product that will transform the way your customers care for themselves Marie is the woman with the formula for you.

She spends her time learning everything she can about looking and feeling beautiful. On the weekend you can find her studying!