Hannah still

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for her Insomnia

Ditch the stigma,

she needs you!

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Our creatives develop conscious design, making sure your product is safe, sustainable and reaching those who need you most. 

Stay focused on what you do best - be it investing, growing, healing or leading. We've got this design and communication stuff covered.

Create media that blasts through old beliefs and reach a new realm of cannabis and hemp consumers.

Over 50% of Cannabis users are parents

Is your packaging child resistant?

Sustainable Business Gets the Green Light! 

Lawmakers and customers agree, we want sustainability! 

Cannavas has partnered with companies like Neenah Paper to create easier path on sustainability journey.

The best part is we're pouring more money into the hemp industry!  Give the people what they want. 

Check out our blog to learn all about hemp paper and sustainability! 


Meet the easiest way to boost your dispensary sales in 2021


Don't get Caught with Naive  Cannabis Media

Loads of media created around the cannabis space is written with prejudice language without the writers even knowing.  

Get up to speed and learn the do's and don'ts when it comes to writing about cannabis in 2021. 

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